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Friday, November 19, 2010

Wheez's Top Ten Songs

Recently, I sent out a request to long-time friend, mod-squader, and Rock 'n' Roll historian, Wheezer Von Klaw asking him to list his favorite top-ten songs.

So this blog is dedicated to the brilliant mind of Wheazer Von Klaw (pictured in the middle) and his deep knowledge of Rock 'n' Roll, perversion and all things related.

Take it Wheez:

10. Terry Corin -"Twistin and Cryin"-I love songs where someone has a breakdown but just can't help doin the Twist anyways!!

9. The Milkshakes-"Tell Me Child" -Micky Hampshire, Billy, Bruce, and Big Russ Wilkins deliver a song that sounds perfect for 1965, not 1982.... They put out 14 lps in two years.. Proving that Rock n Roll should never lose it's urgency..

8. The Cookies-I wanna Boy for my Birthday".. Since the Beatles covered "Chains", then they also shoulda covered this and changed it to "Girls".. Sha la la la LA!!!!!

7. Screaming Lord Butch-"Time to Kill the Rolling Stones"- A song the Dictators should've written for their "Go Girl Crazy" lp, but with better production.. Written in a living room after seeing a commercial for The Steel Wheels tour.. Don Knotts lives!

6. Ricky Wilde-"Teen Wave" -Kim "Kids in America" Wilde's little brother, and the UK's answer to Donny Osmond proves that only being 11 years old doesn't mean that you can't top Bowie, T.Rex,and Gary Glitter in one fell swoop!!! Great fucking anthem!! Up there with Louie Louie and Surfin' Bird!! Bowie is WAY overrated anyways.. He also gave us the Mullet..

5. The Who-"It's not True." -Sneering Mod burner off the first lp where Daltrey confesses not to be "Half Chinese". And he didn't kill his Dad , either.. Good to know.

4. The Creeps-"The Whip" - Early 60's Monster Mash type song where a girl plays Hide n Seek in the woods.. Funny as hell! Sounds like Jello Biafra gone trick or treating.

3. Nora Guthrie-"Emily's Illness"--Arlo Guthrie's lil' Sister sings a creepy autobiographical tune about having a blood disease... Backwards vocals included)

2. The Damned- "Neat Neat Neat

1."Delicious"-Jim Backus --Thurston Howell "Magoos" his way through umpteen bottles of tipple in this hilarious cocktail opus!

Thanks Wheez!

Wheez Von Klaw is a former resident of Jamestown and Buffalo who is quite content being away from either city. A former drummer for the local rockers Irving Klaws and Screaming Lord Butch, Wheez finds time to draw amazing comics, watch 70's porn and live a happy life in Chapel Hill.


  1. Right on wheez. 70's porn was the best always, love that Who song, the rest I will have to check out. Good man yourself...Anthony

  2. no songs from Hee-Haw ?