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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Super Bowl Halftime, Halfass Show

What is wrong with the NFL?

Seriously, the league has a good product, viewership is at record numbers, it has a international following surely surpassing baseball, soccer and all other sports.

Despite all this, they can't seem to get the Super Bowl halftime show together.

In case, you were hidden in a remote cave sleeping off winter, the Super Bowl came and went with an exciting victory by the frozen Cheeseheads of the North, the Green Bay Packers.

Set in between two halves of the great championship game of the Gridiron, is the much anticipated (and sometimes controversial) halftime show. Diverse acts graced this monumental TV program with eye-candy galore, fake dancers acting as groupies and a big finale featuring explosions, fireworks and pyrotechnics.

Great stuff, huh?

Not really. Super Bowl halftime shows suck and this year was no exception.

The LA based, hip-hoppers,
Black Eyed Peas ,were chosen to headline this show. Now get this straight, I do like some forms of rap and hip-hop. It has a place in shaping American music. But their performance on this highly viewed, stage o' stage of events, was a big, stinky turd floating in the toilet bowl of mediocrity. The performance reminded me of badly done hip-hop karaoke at a trashy bar with a poor sound system.

Okay, so if you managed to watch this entire turdy segment, good for you. If you click this pooshoot show off at 5 minutes you missed the addition of guest "musicians" because those associated with the production felt you need more turd to bite off.

Usher falls from the sky in his janitorial whites, awkwardly frees himself from his chains and proceeds to do nothing but splits and sings "ooh, ah, ooh." Leaving one to think, "What the f**k?"

Slash appears from the bowels of Hell to do something on guitar. Not sure what exactly it is but he appears to improve the fine quality of this halftime show.

But what can one expect? When producers chose Christina Aguilaria to sing and promptly screw up the National Anthem, the bar was set low.

So why does it have to be this way?

Are the halftime producers and the NFL convinced this type of entertainment will keep the TV home viewers focused on the set for commercials? Most folks are relieving themselves, get beers & food for the upcoming second-half and BS about the game or the pool they've entered.

Do these producers believe that these halftime shows are generating interest from non-football viewers? The game is the interest not poorly executed music from Usher, Slash and The Black Eyed Peas. The game is turned off when the second-half kickoff happens if not sooner.
Why not bring in a solid act who has some regional ties to the city hosting the Super Bowl? They could play a clean, well-executed set without the high def, badly choreographed groupies infused, overdone fluff that seems to accompany these productions.

The truth of the matter is that the NFL is a multi-million dollar business. That high profile requires associations to be in the same financial class. These partnerships represent a like-mindedness that does not necessarily reflect taste or quality. They represent the bottom-line.

Us fans? Well, we have settle for these halfass, halftime shows with little expectation of a good production.

Oh well, it gives us something else to bitch about on Monday other than a crappy Super Bowl matchup or lame commericials.

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