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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Butch Audacity's Top 10 Tunes

Been hidden in a pile of wife-beaters and musty copies of Hustler, but the Whiskey Bottle Blog is back.

Going to kick off the return by posting the top 10 songs listed by the Rock 'n' Roll Messiah, Eric, aka Butch Audacity, Evinczik. Buckle up, grab a bourbon and enjoy the ride.

10.) Surapon's "Ding Dong" Surapon, the hidden Thai master of Asian Pop has infected the world with this musical gem. Too bad nobody outside of Thailand knows what he's talking about.

9.) Brainbombs "Wishing a Slow Death" From the land that brought you ABBA, these plucky Swedes make music that would make Charles Manson shudder.
8.) Eddie Noack's "Psycho" This is a prime example of what we do out in Busti, NY for fun when the Stateline Speedway is closed.

7.) Fugs' "Group Grope" These hippies were too way out for the Crosby, Stills and Nash crowd. Tuli Kuperburg, the Yiddish hippy crooner, was over 40 when the first album was made, proving that you are never to old to rock.
6.) Flipper "Love Canal" Makes me proud I am from Western New York.
5.) Wendel Austin "LSD" Country music does go well with drugs and mayhem.
I took some knives and killed my wives
I took off in the night
The LSD wore off'ern me
I did know what I'd done
Until in court my case was heard
The sentence I got was life

4.)  Butthole Surfers "Jimi" The Sixties being remembered through the insanity of the Eighties. Batten down the hatches.
3.) Einsturzende Neubauten "Z.N.S" Krautrock meets Punk Rock in the junkyard. The video with the Japanese Mutant Kybuki theatre troupe is a sight to behold.

2.) Lydia Lunch "Snakepit Breakdown" Not for the weak! Ask Matthew LaChiusa even!
1.) Eyeball Skeleton "Eyeball Skeleton" The song is the same name as the band so developmentally challenged listeners, like you, can remember these preteen punkers and their ballad of monster alienation. 

Blog Note: Couldn't find "Eyeball Skeleton" online so here's a healthier sample:


  1. Words of wisdom for the masses! The live version of Wishing A Slow Death is more scary!....