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Friday, October 15, 2010

The Blank Generation

Perhaps the biggest mistake of the generation I find myself part of is the thought that we are an nothing generation marked with a big X target on our backs.

Indeed, the words of Chuck Palahniuk's Fight Club reverberate through this generation in that we were programmed to believe that we would be rock or movie stars and now seeing those promises are being broken, in a white-wash of 9-5, washing the kid's ass and MNF, we are pissed off.

And where does that leave the Blank Generation?

Pissed off, white-washed and watching Brett Favre look like the a broken down 40-something playing in a young man's game on MNF.

We solemnly move along in this depressing entry into middle age with the unfortunate label of being the "Blank Generation" with nothing to show for our accomplishments.

The Baby Boomers? Hell, they have carved out and nice life for themselves in America's Golden Age of Reaganomics and find themselves riding into the golden sunset with Social Security intact as they ask us to pick up the tab and leave the tip.

The Me Generation? The quintessential picture of the American tourist. These are the self-centered, SUV driving saplings of the Baby Boomers. This group has grown fat off the cow and find themselves contributing in ways that drive the economy. Eat, drive, eat, buy cheap products from China, eat, drive and eat is their battle cry and an entire US economy has arose from this ever consuming blackhole of a generation.

The Love Generation? Take a look down any suburb street and see how well the Revolution went for them. They can claim victories in environmental awareness and new sections of organic foods in Wegman's along side their election of the very first American president who claimed to "smoke it but not inhale."

The Gen Y's and Z's? The spoiled offspring of the Me Generation cross-breeding with the Love Generation have a great time indulging themselves in the overwhelming onslaught of social networking, texting and all things technologically progressive. This generation doesn't need a purpose because their contribution to society is...wait, I got to take this text...sorry, okay, their contribution to...hold on, let me take this Tweet.

So then there is Gen X. The Blank Generation. The all too apathetic to be cynical generation inspired by the likes of Joey Ramone and Charles Bukowski. The only contribution is the award winning prize of knowing this generation has no contribution.

Or maybe not.

This "blank" generation has something to show.

Gen X has taken the rebellious stance of the Hippies but with anger have been able to stand alone with psuedo-compromise. One can still see the black shirt and ripped jeans through the white-wash and honestly claim many of us haven't sold out to the Utopia of Suburbia.

Gen X can say that the consumerism obsession of the "Me Generation" is lost on them and that cheap sneakers, a 10-year-old car and generic corn flakes does us fine.

Gen X can honestly say it has rejected rapid-fire technology or has used manipulated the source to get the message across as is demonstrated by the power of You Tube to effect National elections (or have blog sites to bitch about other generations).

So, put that in your pipe and don't smoke it.

This generation blank, the Lost boys and girls of X, the mohawk to combover rebels, have succeed in making a mark in society. Our legacy we leave for future generations and our Gen Baby X's is that its not our place in the 9 to 5 world.

We are a generation that doesn't need to throw out the mould after being made because there wasn't one to begin with. There cannot be another generation like us in that our generation is so unique because we are rooted in the of sensitivity of generations raised before the Great Decline mixed with the harsh realities of a 21st century fallen empire.

A space-monkey generation shot out into the vastness of space who are now returning to earth, (secretly cheering Brett Farve on MNF because he's saying "eat crap" to distractors) with clear knowledge of what makes our world works.

Now its up to us whether or not we care to share this knowledge or tell you to "eat crap".

Or both.

Matthew LaChiusa is the lead singer for the band Dick Whiskey who is composed of Gen Xers

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