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Monday, July 5, 2010

In the Merry Land of Oz

Okay, so the Whiskey Dawn Summer Tour has commenced and the boys and I are feeling just right about the direction of things to come.

The opening night of the tour began at one of our favorite gigs, Mojo's Music Bar, located in the strange, in an amusing way, city of Jamestown, NY. Now I love this town the same way one loves watching salt disintegrate a snail, so the gig proved to another decent welcome from the bar folks with the boys and I making friends with the other band slated for the evening, The Cobra Brothers.

Guess they were a bit confused with our name cause they kept calling us "Whiskey Dick." It happens. My momma used to called it "performance pressure."

Anyhoo, they liked our sound and we liked their "Blink 182" ala pop-punk original music. It made for a good musical evening. I think Bob "Pleather" Rich even bought a couple
of CD's from them.

Bob Kupczyk (on the right with Bob Rich) wore his fancy gig shirt (as seen in this photo). He was very proud of it and he told us it kinda made him feel like he was Superman (or was it Clark Kent). It must have worked because he had the bartender, Brandy, smiling at him like he was the cutest bedbug in the bar.

Bro Thomas and I had the opportunity to drive to the gig and back. Not only did we gorge ourselves on the disgusting food-things of McDonald's TWICE but shot the moon at our co-horts on the thruway.

We also stopped by a dive somewhere between Fredonia and Jamestown called "The Whiskey Saloon" in attempts to get a future gig. I mean the place had the right name for us and, judging by some of the Internet pictures, it looked like a perfect place for the DWhisks to play.

Entering in it seemed relatively safe with a few folks wearing cowboys hats and such. Bro Thomas and I went to the bar to find out who we could chat with about getting a gig. The skanky bartender looked at us and went on attending some other folks in the sparely seated bar.

We waited for her to come over and ask us what we wanted. Well...we waited. And waited. Finally, Bro Thomas says to me "We ain't gonna get served so let's leave," and so we did.

I'm gonna chalk that one up to the old traditional "We don't serve your kind around here".

With the first gig down and out, everyone got home safe and sound to which we jammed at Bob Rich's house until 4 am. It was a great way to put a capper in the evening's ass.

Next gig we got is the Big D Boogie Woogie Divorce Party on July 9th. This will be another road-trip to the Chautauqua area as Dick Whiskey heads to Dunkirk, NY. The band is honored to celebrate our bud, David Blogette's independence through rock 'n' roll, hotroads, beer and roller-derby chicks.

Hope to see y'all there

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